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  • ALA Invitational Team and Individual Registration Open

    *Update 3/2/21 – see updated schedule here. Specific starting times and Heat lists can be found at entries.o2cm.com/?event=ala

    *Update 2/17/21: Tentative Schedule has been added below

    Both team and individual registration are now open for the ALA Invitational competition on March 5 – 6, 2021 at American Leadership Academy in Spanish Fork. See the information below from the organizers regarding COVID-19, schedule, registration, and O2CM system how to:

    ALA General Information

    For questions regarding the registration process, email registrar@premierdancesport.org. We will try to reply as quickly as possible.

    Any other questions can be sent to organizer@premierdancesport.org

    COVID-19 Precautions

    • Masks will be mandatory for all spectators.
    • Dancers may remove masks when they are ON the dance floor competing in an event. They will replace the masks upon exiting the floor and awaiting recalls.
    • Capacity in the gymnasium will be limited to a number below maximum capacity. We are working with school administrators to determine that exact number.
    • Friday, each team will be provided with their own room to change and keep costumes. Teams will be asked to keep movement within the school to a minimum to reduce unnecessary contact with other schools.
    • Saturday will be comprised of four separate sessions. The gym will be cleared between each session for any needed cleaning and sanitizing.
    • Limited concessions will be available. We encourage all purchases to be made with a card. No Cash.
    • Advanced spectator ticket purchase is strongly encouraged. On-site ticket sales will only be offered if we have not reached the predetermined capacity for each session.


    *Update 3/2/21 – see updated schedule here.


    Friday – Team Events

    • Each entry paid by the team will include admission for all dancers in the routine
    • Entry form can be found here: https://register.o2cm.com?event=ala
      • Each team will be asked to enter the venue together.
      • The coach will provide a list of dancers that are in any of the events entered in that evening.
      • The coach and one assistant will be allowed to enter with each team
      • Other assistants will need to purchase a spectator pass
    • Once a team has entered an event, A limited number of entries will be opened up for spectators from the team. The coach will be notified when those entries are available
    • Teams will each have their own separate rooms to prepare.
    • There is an aux gym to warm up
    • Teams will only be allowed in the main gym for their performance and awards. We will provide rooms where the ongoing competition can be viewed

    Saturday – Individual Events

    • Individual registration can be found here: https://register.o2cm.com?event=ala
    • There are two types of tickets:
      • Competitor pass – each competitor will need to purchase this only once. It will allow them to enter the building for each session they are competing.
      • Spectator pass – this is for any non-dancer who wants to sit in the gym and watch.
        • Spectator passes will be sold for EACH session. Spectators wishing to view more than one session must purchase spectator passes for each session
        • Each competitor will be asked to limit initial spectator purchases to 2 tickets per competitor per session.
          • If the organizers feel like we still have available space without reaching maximum gym capacity, we will allow additional tickets to be purchased prior to the event.
          • We will sell tickets at the ONLY IF we have not reached our desired capacity (which will be less than max capacity in the gym)
    • The building will be cleared between sessions.
    • We will have two dressing rooms for each gender to allow for a little more social distancing.
      • Pre-Teens and Juniors will share on directly connected to the main gym.
      • Youth and adults will share one next to the aux gym

    O2CM Registration How To

    • To register, you will need to have an existing O2CM account or create one.  You can login or create a new account here:  http://register.o2cm.com/?event=ala
    • Once the account is created, you can have multiple dancers on one account.
    • The registration form is separated by different Steps. They are as follows:


    • STEP 1
      • You can modify any account information in this box
    • STEP 2
      • If your dancer is not in the drop down list for Lead or Follow, click “Add Competitor to Lists” You will be able to find your dancers or even partners with the box that pops up.
      • Select a Lead and Follow
    • STEP 3
      • All individual events will be listed in the “Amateur Division”
      • Select the age category
        • Syllabus = Elementary, Junior High or High School
        • Open = Pre-Teen, Junior, Youth or Adult
      • Select Skill –
        • Novice, Pre-Champ, Championship
        • Newcomer or Syllabus
      • Click on one or more events in the box and Click “Add couple to event”
    • Once all events are selected for a specific couple, repeat steps 2 and 3 for additional couples
    • STEP 4
      • This is a summary of all events entered for all couples
    • STEP 5
      • Purchase ticket here. Click on the “Select Package” dropdown
      • Each competitor must purchase a Competitor pass
        • Select “Competitor pass” from packages and select the dancers name (rightmost drop-down)
      • Saturday spectator tickets may also be purchased here.
        • Please limit to two tickets per session per competitor.
    • STEP 6
      • Pay via Paypal by clicking on the link provided on the page.
      • Your tickets will be at will call when you arrive.

    Bring a copy of your confirmation email or be able to show it on your phone (if there are any issues)


    Tentative Schedule

    *Update 3/2/21 – see updated schedule here.

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