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    All public school Ballroom teachers, please see the letter below from Angela Williams, President of UBEA, about the teacher workshop July 7-8, 2020:

    “Dear Ballroom Dance Educator,

    My name is Angela Williams and I am the president of the UBEA, Utah Ballroom Education Association. We are a group of Ballroom dance educators throughout Utah that get together and hopefully make Ballroom Dance a strong and positive influence for students, the school and the community.

    This year we have had great support from Tamara Burnside at the State Office of Education to take some great strides forward for Ballroom Dance in Public Education. First, with the help of Tamara and the UDEO, we have put together Ballroom Dance Guidelines that correlates with the Utah Dance Core. Secondly, we have reviewed and revised the Ballroom Dance Endorsement. These two things will now allow Ballroom Dance to count as Fine Arts Credit in Utah Public Schools…”

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    “…As we begin a new year (which we still don’t know what it will look like), we would like to offer a 2-day workshop. During this workshop, we will go over the Ballroom Dance Guideline document (especially the Creative Strand) and help all Utah Ballroom Educators implement this in their curriculum. We would also love to have all teachers involved in teaching Ballroom Dance in Utah have the Ballroom/Social Dance Endorsement. And lastly, we will be reviewing Social dance figures, going over Ballroom Dance teaching techniques and discuss Blended learning for the upcoming and uncertain school year.

    We will be offering the workshop through MIDAS so you can receive 1 credit of USBE relicensure credit. As we get all teachers endorsed, we will also offer Teaching Techniques and Ballroom Dance Beginning and Intermediate classes in the future.

    Here is a tentative schedule:

    July 7, 2020:

    9 – 10 AM:Dance training (syllabus steps) in the Ballroom studio
    10 – 11 AM:Dance teaching (teaching techniques) in the Ballroom studio
    11 AM – 12 PM:Choreography helps
    12 – 1 PM:Lunch break/group discussions
    1 – 2 PM:Endorsement protocols
    2 – 3 PM:State Ballroom guidelines document
    3 – 4 PM:Blended learning and Canvas videos/helps

    July 8, 2020:

    9 – 10 AM:Dance training in the Ballroom studio
    10 – 11 AM:Dance teaching in the ballroom studio
    11 AM – 12 PM:Choreography helps
    12 – 1 PM:Lunch break/group discussions
    1 – 2 PM:Creative Strand of Dance Core vs. Ballroom Guidelines
    2 – 3 PM:Classroom Management
    3 – 4 PM:Blended learning and Canvas videos/helps

    We hope to see as many of you as we can at the workshop! We hope it will give you a great kickstart to your program new and old.

    Angela Williams
    UBEA President/Co-Founder”

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