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    The judges marks for the 2019 UVU Winter DanceSport Festival (February 15 & 16, 2019) are available at the link below:

    2019 UVU Winter DanceSport Festival Marks

    Not all events are shown when the page loads. If you do not see your event, use the filters at the top of the page.

    The tentative schedule is available for the UVU DanceSport Festival on February 15 & 16, 2019 at Mountain View High School. Please note that the events on the schedule are scheduled in blocks of time, but are not necessarily listed in the order that they will actually be danced within that block. All rounds of a given event (quarter-final, semi-final, final, etc.) will be danced within the assigned block of time.

    You can view the schedule here:

    2019 UVU DanceSport Festival Tentative Schedule

    As always, competitors should be ready to dance at least 20 minutes before their scheduled event time.

    More event information is available at the event website.

    The UVU DanceSport Festival will no longer be sanctioned by, nor will it be a qualifying event for the USA Dance National Championships. UVU is sorry for any confusion or inconvenience this may have caused.

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