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    There has been some confusion about the Pre-Teen and Junior events that will be held at the competition. We want to clarify the events and dances that will be offered. All Pree-Teen and Junior competitors have been contacted with their current registrations. If any dancers who are currently registered believe their registration is incorrect, please contact registrations@register4comps.com with the correct categories by Monday (9/21/15). To see a full event list for all ages, click here.

    Because of the confusion, the additional late fee originally planned for today will not be added until Monday (9/21/15) for new registrations. After Monday, late fees for new entries will increase to $20. You can register for the competition here.

    The Pre-Teen and Junior age events that will be offered are listed below.

    Amateur Competitor Open Events

    (age 11 and younger, Syllabus Only)

      • Open Pre-Teen Pre-Championship American (F/C)
      • Open Pre-Teen Pre-Championship Ballroom (W/QS)
      • Open Pre-Teen Pre-Championship Latin (S/PD)
      • Open Pre-Teen Latin (CC/S/R/J)
      • Open Pre-Teen Ballroom (W/T/F/QS)


    (ages 12-15)

      • Open Junior Pre-Championship Ballroom (W/QS)
      • Open Junior Pre-Championship Latin (S/PD)
      • Open Junior Ballroom (W/T/QS)
      • Open Junior Latin (CC/S/PD)
      • Open Junior American Rhythm (CC/Sw/M)
      • Open Junior American Smooth (W/T/FT)

    Syllabus Competitor Events

    (Syllabus in grades K-6)

      • Elementary Newcomer American (CC)
      • Elementary Syllabus American (SW)
      • Elementary Syllabus Ballroom (W)
      • Elementary Syllabus Latin (S)


    Junior High
    (Syllabus in grades 7-9)

      • Junior High Newcomer American (CC)
      • Junior High American (SW)
      • Junior High Ballroom (W)
      • Junior High Latin (S)


    Junior High Costume Syllabus Events*

      • Costume Syllabus Pre-Champ American (FT/CC)
      • Costume Syllabus Pre-Champ Ballroom (W/Q)
      • Costume Syllabus Pre-Champ Latin (S/PD)
      • Costume Syllabus Latin (CC/S/R/J)
      • Costume Syllabus Ballroom (W/T/F/QS)

    *All Costume Syllabus Events are for syllabus dancers only.  These events are to provide a fun way to continue working on multiple dances, especially for those who have competed with the same partner, or in the same program, for longer than a year and who desire and are ready to dance more syllabus events before branching out into Open choreography.  Couples can register for either regular syllabus (black and white) events or the costumed events of the same age group in the same style of dance, not both. Adding costuming is the incentive to keep learning syllabus steps and improve individual and couple growth.

    For any questions about the competition, contact Pleasant Grove High Ballroom.

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